A Bestiary


Founded in 2012 by Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska, DISNOVATION.ORG is both an art collective and an international workgroup engaged in the crossovers between contemporary arts, research and hacking.

States of Chimera

Annike Flo

We are no longer considered to be individuals, but metaorganisms; chimera, made into being from the collaborative force of microorganisms and our own cells.

Ai Hasegawa

Ai Hasegawa

This project approaches the problem of human reproduction in an age of overcrowding, overdevelopment and environmental crisis.


Leena Saarinen

In the piece Birdsong Leena Saarinen aims to bring the languages of people and birds closer to each other by creating an alphabet for birdsong.

Stephanie Rothenberg

Aquadisia, part of a larger body of work called Aphrodisiac in the Machine, is an environmental science fiction that manifests in a variety of formats online and offline including installations, videos and performances.

Thomas Thwaites

Goatman began as a project to take a holiday from being human; to escape the stress and worry of being a person in human society with all its moral and practical complexities.

Yang Zhichao

An operational scalpel was incised into my left scapula by a surgeon. Without any anesthesia, the surgeon made two incisions, each 1 centimeter deep by 1 centimeter wide.