TEKS Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre – is a non-profit resource and competence platform for art and technology established in 2002.

TEKS facilitates the production and dissemination of art practices that make use of new technologies, and/or comment on the development of technology and society today.

TEKS is the initiator and producer of the Trondheim International Biennale for Art and Technology – Meta.Morf, the art lab TEKS.studio, the publication archive Norwegian Media Art Library, the publishing platform TEKS.press, and FAEN – Female Artistic Experiments Norway.

Artistic and scientific research continuously challenges our perspectives on life, bringing us new philosophical and existential questions. Biotechnology, nanotechnology, neuroscience, and new communication and computer technologies represent examples of disciplines that expand the boundaries of artistic ideas and expressions.

The artist as communicator and interpreter of new scientific insights plays an important role in society’s ability to critically reflect on new technologies and their possible areas of application. Artistic practice can at the same time contribute to innovation and breakthroughs in various fields of research through its ability to operate outside of consensus and recognized positions.

TEKS.studio works as both an exhibition space, and a laboratory for artistic practices within the field of art and technology. The studio aims to facilitate the production and dissemination of artistic expressions that make use of new technologies and/or shed light on technology development and its application.

Ongoing projects
EE: Experimental Emerging Art Magazine
Electronic Art in Norway – Art historical overview of the field 1960 — 2020 (book release Nov. 2021)
FAEN – Female Artistic Experiments Norway
Meta.Morf – Trondheim international biennale for art and technology
TEKS.press – Publishing platform
TEKS.studio – Art Lab
The Norwegian Media Art Library – Publication archive

TEKS employees.
General manager: Espen Gangvik
Project manager and curator: Zane Cerpina
Communication and web assistant:: Daniel Vincent Hansen
In addition TEKS engage co-workers for temporary projects when applicable.

TEKS board members.
Board leader: Pia Skog Hagerup
Board members: Trond Åm, Leiken Viand Sigurd Saue

TEKS is funded by the Arts council Norway, Trondheim Municipality and Trøndelag County Council.

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