be-coming tree

Jatun Risba

Be-coming Tree is an encounter between the live stream of the human World Wide Web and the living mycelium networks of the Wood Wide Web.

Annie Hägg

PsXCare takes place in a fictive future where the border between the digital and the physical is blurred, shifting between filmed and animated material.


Frank Ekeberg

Ingenmannsland (No Man’s Land / Niemandsland) is a constantly changing, speculative soundscape highlighting issues of deforestation, resource extraction, habitat loss, species extinction and natural vs. artificial life.

Maren Dagny Juell

A surreal post-apocalyptic home party placed in an undefined future where the location is fluid. This work focuses on 3D printed replicas of various household plastic objects, common in 2012, which take on a new role in an imagined post-plastic future.


Marius Presterud

Marius Presterud is a Norwegian artist based in Berlin and Oslo. He works across a variety of media; performance, poetry, sculpture and ecoventions.