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Trondheim Art museum – Gråmølna, March 10 – May 1, 2016

Nice to be in orbit!


Meta.Morf shows challenging positions, urgent social, cultural and political questions and realities that Planet Earth is confronted with. It shows unusual and poetic approaches to reflect and shape these realities, and how to act and interact in them. Meta.Morf therefore takes, as always a trans- and cross-disciplinary approach that might be confusing at times, but at the end is always productive and challenging.
Alex Adriaansens, Curator 'Nice to be in orbit!'

Øyvind Brandtsegg / Pamela Breda / Cath Le Couteur / Alicia Framis / Andy Gracie / Haines & Hinterding / Johannes Langkamp / Golan Levin / Agnes Meyer-Brandis / Nick Ryan / Tomás Saraceno / Lena Skrabs

Alicia Framis – Departure Board
Lena Skrabs – Filmstill Free the Moon
Agnes Meyer-Brandis – Moon Geese with flight chariot Videostill, Moon Goose Colony 2011 @ Agnes Meyer-Brandis, VG-Bild Kunst 2016
Andy Gracie – Drosophila titanus
Adrift – Orbital Mechanics Simulator
Cessation – Johannes Langkamp
Golan Levin – Moon Drawings
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Nice to be in Orbit!

Article by Alex Adriaansens

Space travel has until today been privileged to nation state companies like NASA, ESA, CNSA and Roskosmos. Today private companies and NGOs with imaginative names like Deep Space Industry, Virgin Galactic, Planetary Resources, Mars One, Blue Origin and SpaceX  are more and more directing the future of space exploration. They resemble the pioneers that colonized North America. Many mainly focus on space mining (asteroids a.s.) and space tourism. But also a non-profit global organization like Mars One is stepping in to land humans on Mars and to build a first permanent settlement on Mars (planned for 2020). But still the national space programs are a major driving force for the development of space exploration. China and the United Arab Emirates already announced to be the first one to put a man on Mars, and also India is making fast steps forward to join the space exploration race. Clear space law is needed to avoid future conflicts in space since commercial interests and the hunt for new resources might confront us with a situation known from our colonial past and the conquest of America.


Click on a link beneath to read the curator’s look at the projects as well as background info on the respective artists and their works.

Trondheim Art Museum

Trondheim kunstmuseum (TKM) has an extensive collection of Norwegian and international art displayed alongside contemporary art in two venues. TKM Bispegata is the museum’s main venue, located near the cathedral. TKM Gråmølna in Trenerys gate at Nedre Elvehavn is a venue for local, national and international contemporary art exhibitions. You can also see the permanent art gift from Trondheim artist Håkon Bleken.