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Earth Star

Haines & Hinterding (AU)

A sun worshipping laboratory that surfs across frequencies, “setting their controls for the heart of the sun” our nearest star. The sun as the protean life giving cinema projector par excellence, the sun as infiltrator across a myriad of territories through time and space.

Haines & Hinterding – EARTH STAR 2



The overall effect of Earth Star emphasizes the sun’s elemental and mythical qualities. Exploring arcane energies and hidden frequencies, the installation is an assemblage of three elements; a space is established between the singular and spectacular footage of the solar chromo-sphere captured by the artists using a Hydrogen-Alpha telescope and a camera. There are two aroma compositions of synthesized molecules that represent states of ozone. Building a bridge between these two elements is a resonating and receiving system of VLF antennae tuned to the radio bursts emitted by the sun and fed through an amplifier to provide a real time soundtrack.

The light that arrives from the sun at the H-alpha frequency (6563 Angstroms) is coming from a rarefied layer of hydrogen gas slightly above the surface of the sun (photosphere) called the solar chromo-sphere. It is more sensitive to the effects of solar activity than the photosphere because its structure is dominated more by magnetic effects than the temperature and pressure effects that control the photosphere. The artists painstakingly photographed and animated still sequences of the sun through the H-Alpha from the roof of their house in the Blue Mountains, Australia over many months.

Joyce Hinterding and David Haines, live and work in the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia. They maintain independent practices and also collaborate on large-scale art works that explore sensation across a variety of experimental, traditional and digital media. These works incorporate Joyce’s investigations into energetic forces and David’s concern with the intersection of hallucination and the environment. They have recently produced large scale immersive works “Geology”2015 and the “The Outlands” that won the Anne Landa Award for video and new media arts, Art Gallery of NSW, (2011). Their collaborative and individual projects have been exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally, including Europe, Japan and North America. The work “Earth Star” received an Award of Distinction from Prix Ars Electronica (2009), Linz Austria in the Hybrid Art category and they were the Australian National representatives at the 26th Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brazil (2004).  They have been represented in numerous biennales and festivals and where the subject of a comprehensive survey exhibition, Energies: Haines and Hinterding at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney in 2015. They are represented by Sarah Cottier Gallery. Haines and Hinterding both lecture part time at the Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.