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Mankind was born on Earth –It was never meant to die here

Christopher Nolan, Interstellar, 2014

Meta.Morf 2016 introduction

On October 24, 1946, Earth was for the first time photographed from the boundary of outer space. 20 years later we yet again observed our planet through the eyes of Lunar Orbiter 1, and during the ’70s, the Moon missions’ observation of the blue planet finally laid the groundwork for the notion of our planet as part of an ecosystem in a universe of unimaginable proportions.

Today, just 70 years after the V2 rocket’s photo session, we’ve turned our sights toward horizons beyond worlds already visited by robots. In August 2012, after 35 years of traveling, Voyager 1 left our solar system heading for interstellar space, and in July the following year, the second blue planet man has seen was detected through the Hubble Telescope, 63 light years—596,000 billion kilometers—away. The observable part of the universe has a diameter of 93 billion light years. No one still knows whether it is infinite or not, and physicists and astronomers are discussing the possibility of the multiverse.

The fourth Trondheim biennale – Meta.Morf 2016 – will showcase artists, writers and scientists that in various ways take a closer look at man as interstellar traveller, and how we at the beginning of this millennium are about to redefine our relationship with the stars and, consequently, ourselves.

Espen Gangvik

Pamela Breda - Reaching for the Stars
Pamela Breda – Reaching for the Stars

Meta.Morf platform

Artistic and scientific research are continuously challenging and changing our perspectives on life, often implying new philosophical and existential questions.

Biotechnology, nanotechnology, neuroscience and new communications and computer technologies represent fields that expands the boundaries of artistic practices, practises that in turn may reveal unexplored viewpoints for scientifically based research.

The artist as a conveyor and interpreter of new knowledge and research, plays a crucial role for society’s ability for both having a proper insight, as well as being able to maintain an adequate discourse regarding the use of new technologies and scientific advancements.

Meta.Morf shall present artists, musicians, writers and researchers for a broader audience with projects and performances that in various ways helps extending our perspectives on life, and beyond.

Agnes Meyer-Brandis - The Moon Goose Analogue
Agnes Meyer-Brandis – The Moon Goose Analogue

Meta.Morf 2016 curators


Alex Adriaansens
Director V2_, Rotterdam / TEKS
Rachel Armstrong
Professor, Newcastle University / TEKS
Margrete Abelsen
Director / Babel Showroom for Art
Randi Brockmann
Director / Trondheim Centre for Contemporary Art
Annett Busch
Curator, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art / NTNU
Frank Ekeberg
Sound artist / TEKS
Silje Engeness
CEO, Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival
Thomas Flor
Art historian, The National Museum
Bjørnar Gammelsæter
Trondheim Public Library
Espen Gangvik
Director TEKS / Meta.Morf
Eirik Havnes
Sound artist / Babel Showroom for Art
Dorothee Beermann
Department of Language and Literature / NTNU
Hanna Musiol
Department of Language and Literature / NTNU
Arnfinn Rokne
Director, Trondheim Science Center
Florian Schneider
Department leader,  Trondheim Academy of Fine Art / NTNU
Jeremy Welsh
Professor, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art / NTNU

All about the curators here –>

Meta.Morf 2016 partners

Meta.Morf wishes to give a great and humble thanks to one and each of these fine people and their institutions for their participation and contributions behind the scenes for making the fourth Trondheim biennale for art and technology a reality!

 Margrete Abelsen
General manager /
Babel Art Space / Lademoen Artists’ Workshops
 Babel_2 top-grafikk-engelsk 
 Åshild Adsen
Director /
National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Trondheim
 Johan Börjesson
Director /
Trondheim Art Museum – Gråmølna
 Alex Booker
Professor /
Department of Architectural Design, Form and Colour Studies /
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
 Randi Brockmann
General manager /
Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art
 Silje Engeness
Director /
Kosmorama International Film Festival
 Ellen Sofie Griegel
General manager /
Trondhjem’s Art Association
 Berit S. Nygård
Director /
Trondheim Public Library
 Arnfinn Rokne
Director /
Trondheim Science Center
 Fredrik Shetelig
Dean / Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art /
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
 Geir Solum
Production Manager/
Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra
 Nina Steen
Communication Manager /
Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra


Meta.Morf 2016 on site production team


  Susanne Eeg  
  General production management / Hospitality management
  Frank Ekeberg  
  Concert curating / Concert production / Catalogue translation / Copy editing
  Espen Gangvik
  Co-curating / Copy editing / Exhibition production / Freight logistics / Funding / Press / Promotion / Web design
  Arnfinn Killingtveit
  Technical consultant
 Jørgen Hallås Skatland  
  Travel logistics
  Unni Soelberg  
  Copy editing / Graphic design (Tibe-T)
 Eirik Havnes
 Mathieu Lacroix
 Håvard Stamnes
 Hilde Pytkowski
 Øyvind Sørfjordmo
 David Breida
 William Bentsen
 Katja Van Etten Jarem
 Andrea Menéndez
 Jessica Vargas
 Daniel Romero Nieto 
  Technical assistents
TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre

TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre – is the organiser of Meta.Morf.

TEKS is a non-profit organisation founded in Trondheim in 2002. The organisation is a resource and competence centre that aims to produce and convey techno related art projects within all art disciplines.

TEKS initiates and organises artistic productions and projects, works with promotion and education through courses and workshops, and acts as organizer or co-organiser of various techno related cultural initiatives.

TEKS is in 2016 funded by the Arts council Norway and Trondheim Municipality.

TEKS is a member of PNEK, Production network for Electronic arts, Norway.

Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre

// TEKS, Pb 2227, 7412 Trondheim, Norway // teks(at) // +47 7348 8030 //