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Reaching for the stars

Pamela Breda (IT)

The project aims to give form to 1960s sci-fi imagined futures. The starting point has been a huge archival research of books, articles and scientific essays published in that period and related to space travels and modalities of space explorations. Subsequently, I recreated these materials – from star charts to spaceship handbook, necessary to travel into space – in printed form. They are presented in a 1960s suitcase, as if this object was found in a cellar, left by someone who planned an interstellar flight.Pamela Breda

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Star charts, star atlas, Spaceflight handbook, Spaceship schemata

Reaching for the stars

In her artwork Pamela Breda use different methods of visual enquiry, from photography to art books, from video to installation. She explores visual clichés and imaginary tropes connected to specific cultural and social contexts of production and reception, and the generative processes of memory for the creation of meaning, as expressed in personal and collective history. She is particularly keen on questioning the ambiguous status of current photographic practices, and how it creates new modes of apprehension and legitimation.

Pamela Breda

Born in 1982, in Vittorio Veneto (Italy). Lives and Works in Venice.
In 2012 she received her MA in Visual Arts from IUAV University  and she was visiting student at Essex University, Colchester Institute, UK.

Her work has been exhibited in international venues in Venice, London, Santander, Salzburg, and in institutions such as Karlsruhe Kunsthalle, Fondation Francois Schneider, Fondation Botin, Fondation Bevilacqua La Masa and Venice Architecture Biennal, Italian Pavillion.

Her main area of research is focused on cultural visual tropes and traditions, on the contingency of the artistic process and on its multiple outcomes. She analyzes western imaginaries connected with culturally and socially-engaged contexts of production and reception.

Starting from the analysis on the relationship between powers and knowledge and between artwork and the narrative fiction implied in it, she researches the visual-cognitive values ascribed to the contemporary image exploited as a narration.

Pamela Breda