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2001: A Space Odyssey

KOSMORAMA, NOVA Kino, theatre # 2, March 11, 20:20.
1968, Stanley Kubrick / Curator Silje Engeness, Kosmorama International Film Festival.
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In collaboration with Kosmorama International Film Festival, Meta.Morf 2016 has the pleasure of presenting an exclusive screening of the epic 1968 sci-fi movie “2001: A space odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick, introduced by the honorable photographic special effects advisor of the movie, inventor and director 

Trumbull is as well keynote speaker at Meta.Morf’s conference “It’s nice to be in orbit!” @ Kosmorama, NOVA Kino, theatre # 9, Saturday March 12, 10:00 – 17:30.
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Introduced by photographic film effect advisor   DOUGLAS TRUMBULL


2001: A space odyssey

Ola Renolen, Program manager, Kosmorama International Film Festival

There’s a significant amount of people who’ve never been given the attention or been honored sufficiently for their accomplishments. We’re not here to diminish Stanley Kubrick’s contribution, but it is beyond any doubt that Douglas Trumbull was a big part of the reason why Kubrick could claim the Best Visual Effects Oscar in 1969 for 2001: A Space Odyssey. To this day, there are many who believe Trumbull should have been given that Oscar.

Some films survive the passage of time because they set a precedent, and 2001 (It even makes sense referring to it as just 2001, as most people will understand what you mean, and those who don’t probably never will) has in many ways decided the look of science fiction from that point onwards. For all i know, space stations look like that in real life as well. If this is because Trumbull and his partners had the knowledge to predict how things would be, or if designers after 1968 were so heavily inspired by 2001 that it influenced the look of our modern day space exploration is not for us to speculate on, but it is still fascinating, in hindsight, to see and experience the films visual and aestethic influence.



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Douglas Trumbull

Visionary filmmaker, innovator and entrepreneur, Douglas Trumbull has enjoyed a long and prestigious technological and creative career in filmmaking and entertainment technologies. Following his breakthrough pioneering work as one of four photographic effects supervisors on 2001: A Space Odyssey, his name rapidly became synonymous with some of the greatest effects work of its era on titles such as The Andromeda Strain, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and Blade Runner.

Trumbull directed Silent Running and Brainstorm, and he has also directed numerous Expo and special venue films, videos and attractions. Along the way he has been awarded more than twenty patents, including one for the first entertainment simulator ride (Back To The Future – The Ride at Universal Studios) and another for the Academy Award-winning Showscan® process for high speed 70 mm cinematography. He was recently awarded the coveted Gordon E. Sawyer Academy Award for his contributions to cinema technology.

In 1994 Trumbull merged his company Ridefilm Corporation with IMAX and helped launch the successful IMAX IPO that brought IMAX into the commercial feature film marketplace around the world.

While continuing to write and direct, Trumbull continues to tour and speak to film students and technology companies around the world, Trumbull has continued to be fascinated with the challenges of making movies using advanced production technologies, while also developing an immersive cinematic language. He has set up Trumbull Studios in Western Massachusetts and continues to experiment and push the edge of giant screen, high framerate, extreme brightness 3D and virtual digital production, recently producing an experimental demonstration movie titled UFOTOG, shot and projected in his new MAGI process of 4K 3D at 120 frames per second.

Douglas Trumbull


Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival’s thinking and motivation for the festival is to offer our guests something more than just light entertainment. There is a general feeling of a growing thirst for knowledge in the public, and we wish to contribute with an alternative where one can go to the cinema and learn something new. We at Kosmorama offer films from across the globe, and supply an alternative outlook on current events through both fiction and documentary. By fronting filmmakers from all over the world, also from Central Norway, we get a very eclectic selection of films. We have films that bring up subjects and tell stories that are important to people where they live, from Gaza to Grong. We in Kosmorama want to use the theater screen as a tool to bring audiences on a journey across the world.

It is an honour to represent a long, proud tradition and to put Norwegian and International films in the spotlight. We can guarantee something for every taste and a few surprises when we release our program on the 10th of february.

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