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Conductor: Krzysztof Urbański

The Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra

Krzysztof Urbański & HAL

Cosmos Concert

2001: A Space Odyssey is the most famous movie of the sci-fi genre, directed by Stanley Kubrick. It is referred to as “a countdown to tomorrow, a roadmap to human destiny, a quest for the infinite.” Urbanski’s fascination with cosmology and astronomy made music from this movie a natural choice. Many will recognize the brilliant opening of the movie from Richard Strauss’s “Also sprach Zarathustra.” The Moon, Earth and Sun emerge into the picture accompanied by the mighty tones and the timpani. In “2001: A Space Odyssey” Kubrick wanted to make an enigmatic movie about humans, machines and mystery, about evolution in time and travel in space. It is quite fitting to use Johann Strauss’s famous Viennese waltz and Györgi Ligeti’s “Atmosphères,” in which we sense the amorphousness of space, and they also sound good in the concert hall.

CONDUCTOR: Krzysztof Urbański
Ligeti: Atmosphères
Khatsjaturjan: Adagio for the ballet Spartacus
J. Strauss jr.: An der schönen blauen Donau
R. Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra

In collaboration with the Air Force Marching Band.
The band is one of five professional military bands in Norway, and employs 28 musicians full-time. The band became affiliated with the Air Force in 2006, but is part of a continued tradition of military music in Trondheim since 1818. Leif Arne Pedersen is artistic director and chief conductor. The band is based at Byscenen in Trondheim.