Meta.Morf 2018 – A Beautiful Accident


Gallery KIT – Trondheim Academy of Fine Art / March 16 – 25, 2018 /
Concept and co-curator: Alessandro Ludovico Curators: Zane Cerpina, Stahl Stenslie Producer: TEKS

The Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art

The Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art collects the most comprehensive knowledge and documentation of media arts in Norway, in terms of history, artistic activities, artists, and the development of the field.

This edition will be a collection of printed publications covering the Norwegian Media art field, and will be premiered during the Meta.Morf – The 5th Trondheim Biennale for Art and Technology in 2018. At the end of the Biennale, the collection will be donated to The Library of Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. It will be available to be temporary lent as a whole, under specified conditions.

The project aims at strengthening the media art field’s presence in the broader art scene in Norway. The intent is also to contribute to the future development of the media art field in Norway, through providing a solid basis of the field’s history and collected knowledge in one, complete archive. The project further encourages a growth in media arts publications in Norway, which is necessary not only to provide an overview of the historical importance of media arts in Norwegian culture but also to ensure an ongoing development of the field in the future.

The Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art is aiming to collect 100+ printed publications, that are important documents and references to the media art field’s development and presence in Norway. Through the research we aim not only to gather well-known works, but also uncover what Alessandro Ludovico defines as “sleeping knowledge” – publications that might have been published only in few copies, and possibly forgotten in some storage.

Project Team

The Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art is curated by Alessandro Ludovico in collaboration with Stahl Stenslie (NO) and Zane Cerpina (NO/LV). It is produced and financed by TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre. Additional contributors are MFA Students of Trondheim Academy of Fine Art / NTNU, coordinated by Michelle Teran (CA).

About The Temporary Library project

The Temporary Library project relies on the concept of metaphorically breaking the classic boundaries of libraries. It intends to bring publications in places where they’re not necessarily known, expanding and redefining the public role of libraries in a contemporary sense.

The Temporary Library project is an initiative by Alessandro Ludovico and each edition focuses on a particular topic. Until now there has been three editions released: The Temporary Library for Transmediale, 2017 (Berlin, Germany), The Temporary Library of Latin American Media Art for ISEA, 2017 (Manizales, Colombia) and The Temporary Library of Portuguese Media Art for xCoAx, 2017 (Lisbon, Portugal).


Alessandro Ludovico is a researcher, artist and chief editor of Neural magazine since 1993. He received his PhD degree in English and Media from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge (UK). He is Associate Professor at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton and Lecturer at Parsons Paris – The New School. He has published and edited several books, and has lectured worldwide. He also served as an advisor for the Documenta 12’s Magazine Project. He is one of the authors of the award-winning Hacking Monopolism trilogy of artworks (Google Will Eat Itself, Amazon Noir, Face to Facebook). Currently Alessandro is part of the research group AMT (Archeologies of Media and Technology) at the Winchester School of Art.

TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre is a non-profit organisation founded in Trondheim in 2002. TEKS initiates and organizes artistic productions and projects, and acts as organizer or co-organizer of various cultural initiatives. TEKS is the organiser of the Meta.Morf – biennale for art and technology.

Stahl Stenslie is an artist, curator and researcher specializing in experimental media art, interactive experiences and disruptive technologies. His artworks challenge ordinary ways of perceiving the world. Keywords of his practice are somaesthetics, unstable media, transgression and numinousness. He is one of the editors of the upcoming book “Electronic Art Norway”and editor in chief of the online and printed magazine EE – Experimental Emerging Art Norway.


Zane Cerpina, TEKS (Curator):
Espen Gangvik, TEKS (Producer):
Alessandro Ludovico (Concept, co-curator):
Stahl Stenslie (Curator):
Michelle Teran, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (Coordinator of MFA / NTNU student course):


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