Zane Cerpina (NO/LV) & Stahl Stenslie (NO) – Meta.Morf 2018 – Conference @ Dokkhuset, March 9 – 10, 2018.
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The bigger picture of what art can be. One magazine at a time.”

EE: Experimental Emerging Art Magazine is an independent art magazine edited by Stahl Stenslie (NO) and Zane Cerpina (NO / LV). The third issue “Dangerous Art” is co-edited by Espen Gangvik, co-produced and funded by TEKS, and is to be launched during the Meta.Morf Biennale 2018.

The purpose of EE is to give a rapid response to the emergent contributions of what art can be. The works and tendencies we present are major additions to the field of emerging aesthetics. EE focuses on experimental art projects – the stuff that somehow stretches and challenges established notions of what art is. One of our criteria for giving coverage is whether the topic at hand has been made or conceived within the last decade. We believe the field of art is -and should be- in a constant flux, challenging traditional and institutional understandings of art.

One of EE’s main purposes is to support the interesting, the subversive, the abject, the striking but also intriguing, wondrous and the beautiful in the ongoing human project of making art. Whatever art might be or become.

EE III : Dangerous Art

Warning: you might like to stay away from this issue. It may potentially trigger conflicting emotions and irreversible opinions. Reader discretion is advised.

The EE #3 Dangerous Issue researches dangerous art works and artistic ideas, presenting some of the most dangerous contemporary thinkers on dangerous art.

So what is dangerous art? Evil Art as in banal? Bad Art that renders art into a populist void? Meaningless Art by the happy amateur? Shocking Art such as the Chapman brother’s ultraviolent sculptures and sceneries? American abstractionism as it was used, employed and sponsored by CIA? Lethal Art killing animals such as Damien Hirst’ Mother and Child divided? Taboo breaking Art such as Oleg Kulik’s life and mating with a dog? Criminal Art such as Alexander Brener’s infamous graffiti add-on to Malevich’s paintings? Any way, according to Adorno ‘every work of art is an uncommitted crime’. What about aesthetic thinking such as Stockhausen’s naming of 911 as art? Or Schlingensiefs homage to the 911 terrorist Atta as an artist? What about suicidal art such as Schwarzkogler, the hero of the Viennese Actionism. Gay S&M art such as Robert Mapplethorpe’s sexualized self-portraits? Self-molesting performances such as Chris Burden shooting himself in the name of art? Offensive art of the Punk movement? What about poorly done works of art? Not necessarily Arte Povera, but works so poorly done that it offends both qualified as well as uninterested audiences? Such as Fellesskapsprosjektet’s recent monument in Kvam, Norway? What about mechanically dangerous art such as Tinguely’s auto-destructive ‘Homage to New York’? Or Serra’s super heavy metal walls threatening to fall over you at any moment? Political satire and actionism such as Pussy Riot? Or is the real danger in the hands of hard-core curators of transgressive art such as Jurij Krpan. Is the trans-species art of Maja Smrekar dangerous? Or just typical hetero-normal in an age of hyped bio-technologies.

If art is about challenging and shaking our established notions of the world, are not all artists then dangerous? Are you a dangerous artist?