Meta.Morf 2018A Beautiful Accident
Children and artists  – ReMida – Center for creativity and recycling in Trondheim  /
April 14 – 15, 2018 @ Gamle Kongsgården Barnehage, Kjøpmannsgata 3.
Curator & workshop manager: Pål Bøyesen (NO) 

LYDHØR – ReMidaDagene 2018

“The mechanical octopus’s garden”
– Innovation, technology, creative zest!

Music instrument inventor workshop for children between 8 and 11 years old.
Max 12 participants, first come first served!

ReMida is based upon a belief that children learning through aesthetic explorations of the world around them is essential for a healthy development of each person. Playful and meaningful collaborations are nothing we can take for granted in schools or kindergartens. ReMida tries to enrich the environment for children and let their discoveries shine through for others to connect and in-common take to new levels.

For Meta.Morf 2018 we will focus on the phenomenon of sound through the biennale’s theme title “A Beautiful Accident”. The kids will explore the audio-dative aspects of Meta.Morf as part of the workshop. Together, the kids, soundartists, musicians and teachers will develop multiple spaces for sound. The workshop takes place in a historical building near Trondheim’s old city bridge.


Header image from “Trondheim Philarmechanic Cobra Youth Orchestra” by Staalplaat Soundsystem and ReMida @ Meta.Morf 2010.