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Kosmorama, Nova Cinema, movie theatre # 9, March 12, 2016.

Artscience Highlights and Opportunities in Space and Moon Village

Bernard Foing (FR)

Prof Bernard H. Foing, Chair ESTEC Staff Committee Director ILEWG International LUnar Group

We developed art-science-space-innovation international collaboration using different themes from space and Moon-Mars base, and will show art highlights. We organized Moon-Mars summit workshop at Todaysart festival 2014, and 2015, building on innovative initiatives started with ESTEC ExoGeoLab lander and instruments, technologies, ExoHab habitat, and space business incubator . Field campaigns in Moon-Mars analogues deserts allowed to experience exploration, isolation and to mix scientists, engineers, and artists.

The new DG of ESA, Jan Wörner, has expressed a clear ambition towards a Moon Village, where Europe could have a lead role. The concept of Moon Village
is to develop a robotic village evolving to a permanent sustainable human base on the Moon. Different countries and partners can participate and contribute with different elements, experiments, technologies, and overall support.ESA has invited inputs from all the potential stakeholders, especially member states, engineers, industry, scientists, innovators, artists and diverse representatives from the society.

This spirit to open the space frontier imbued a series of Moon Village workshops organized at ESTEC and other space centers, science and technical symposia and at art and innovation forum such as TodaysArt. We want to call for art-science-innovation community to participate to the Moon Village preparation and opportunities to engage humanity in this journey.


Prof. Bernard H. Foing

Prof. Bernard H. FOING is Chair of ESA-ESTEC Staff Association Committee and Senior Scientist and Exploration Officer. He has worked at ESA ESTEC as study scientist, Research Unit Coordinator, Project scientist of SMART-1 (first ESA mission to the Moon, launched in 2003), Head of the Research Division, and Chief scientist. He has been active at ILEWG/COSPAR (International Lunar Exploration Working Group, as president (1998-2000), and now as Executive Director. He has been Co-Investigator of SOHO, XMM, BIOPAN, SMART-1, Mars Express, COROT, Expose on ISS, ExoMars.

He obtained a PhD in France on Astrophysics and Space Techniques using a sounding rocket, with collaborative stays in the US (Lockheed Palo Alto, Sacramento Peak, Boulder, Harvard Observatory). He worked 3 years in Chile as astronomer for ESO European Southern Observatory. He has published over 620 articles, including 201 refereed papers, in space science and technology, Moon-Mars exploration, astrophysics, astrobiology, instrumentation.

He edited 20 books, organized over 55 international conferences and symposia. He is special professor at Vrije U. Amsterdam and FloridaTech, and full member of the International Academy of Astronautics. He has developed special projects on Artscience and Space* with various universities and artists, and is vice-chair of IAF ITACCUS committee on sociocultural utilisation of space.


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