Marco Donnarumma /
Margherita Pevere

Eingeweide: The 7 Configurations cycle /
Performance, Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, April 19 @ 21:00 /

What does it mean to create a truly autonomous machine, independent from human control? And what happens when organs live outside of a body? Perhaps the human body’s only real power is to take on ever changing forms and identities.

Myriam Bleau
Nien Tzu Weng

Second Self (avant-premiere) /
Performance, Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, April 20 @ 21:00 /

Second Self is an audiovisual work and the first collaboration between choreographer and performer Nien Tzu Weng and composer and digital artist Myriam Bleau. Through movement, sound, and video, the performance explores the object of the screen as a tactile interface, prosthesis, mask, and mirror.

Martinus Suijkerbuijk
Øystein Fjeldbo

Turing Gaia: Composing the ((Non)Human) /
Performance, Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, April 20 @ 22:00/

The performance is an orchestration and composition of ((Non)Human) agency where the demarcations between the human and non-human entities are delicately and thoughtfully explored.

Apex Anima

Astral Boombox DJ set! /
Performance, Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, April 20 @ 23:00 – 02:00 /

Are you one of those who love art but hate art openings? Wish you could just teleport your body away from the small talk and appear in full disco attire on a burning dancefloor?
Enough of art talk and clever conversations.
Let’s move from the mental to the physical, from the platonic to the erotic, and from the static to the acrobatic!


Persistent Disequilibrium /
Performance and installation, Rosendal Teater May 3 – 4 @ 19:00 /

The project has a form between performance and exhibition, where scenographic elements are created and take shape during the performance. The division between performers and audience is blurred, as the audience is free to move throughout the space during the performance.


Human vs Machine /
SiTron Performs the Music of Alexander Schubert and Gavin Bryars /
Concert, Dokkhuset, April 26 @ 20:00 /
Schubert´s  SCANNERS from 2017 copes with the physical qualities of instrumentalists in electro-acoustic music. It is a choreographed composition that makes movement as important as sound. The string ensemble turns into a performing machine.

Siri Jøntvedt

Fifty Ways to Leave a Shape /
Multiplié dansefestival, April 18 @ 20:00 /
Fifty Ways to Leave a Shape is a personal solo that can be described as the internal process of having to say goodbye to a body part, a tribute to Siri Jøntvedt´s worn-out hips, and a welcoming of two brand-new joints. It is a reset in order to identify new opportunities.


Entwining the Unloaded Reality of Harmonic Bodies /
Trondheim Kunstmuseum, May 11 @ 12:00 – 16:00 /
CT[Lab] intricately weave their soundscapes with the themes, narratives, and aesthetic elements of the museum’s art collection. Crafted to do more than simply coexist with the art, their performance aims to actively engage with and offer reflections on the displayed works.

Frank Ekeberg

humana|machina /
World premiere! Concert, The Planetarium, Vitensenteret i Trondheim, August 11 @ 20:00
humana|machina is an immersive electroacoustic music composition that invites you into a sonic realm where the boundaries of human and machine dissolve. It takes as its starting point the desire to extend human senses and capabilities by means of technology.