Exhibition, April 19 – July 28

Tim Høibjerg

Meta.Morf 2024 – [up]Loaded Bodies / TEKS.studio / April 19 – July 28 /
Curators: Zane Cerpina, Boris Debackere, Espen Gangvik, Florian Weigl: Curatorial Statement

Ejector (2023-24)

Ejector is a multimedia installation that looks into the perception of reality, the body, and spirituality, weaving these elements together to understand their impact on the formation of identity. Influenced by the advent of new technologies and the widespread dissemination of cultural forms, this narrative delves into how these forces shape our sense of self. Set against the backdrop of our evolving digital landscape, it highlights how the boundaries of our tangible existence are constantly being redefined.

 Connected to this is the concept of digital ontology. This refers to the life and essence digital objects possess, whether it’s a piece of software, a digital sculpture, or an AI entity. These objects, while devoid of breath, pulse with life through code and algorithms. They influence and are influenced by us, their human counterparts, creating a symbiotic relationship.

 In the installation, the fractal sculpture embodies self-replicating structures that exist in both nature and the digital realm. Fractals, with their ceaseless repetition, symbolize continuity and renewal. They serve as a tangible testament to the intertwining of our physical world with the digital. 

The accompanying video work creates an interplay between the tangible and the digital through different speculative narratives and characters’ psychology. These narratives challenge our perceptions of self and other, exploring the fluid boundaries between human and digital entities.          

Tim Høibjerg (NO/SE) (born in Kristiansand, Norway, based in Stockholm, Sweden) works across a range of media, including digital software, animation, installation, and sculpture. Høibjerg’s research-based practice is anchored in queer theory, exploring the boundaries of technology, physicality, temporality, and identity. He holds an MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (2021) and a BFA from the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts (2019). Høibjerg’s work has recently been shown, among others, at Nitja Centre for Contemporary Art; Sørlandets Museum of Arts; MELK; Kunsthall Aarhus; with recent solo exhibitions at Podium; MLAG; StudyForArtPlatform.   


Header graphics: “Ejector”, courtesy of the artist.