[up]Loaded Bodies exhibitions / Curatorial statement

Zane Cerpina (NO), Boris Debackere (BE), Espen Gangvik (NO), Florian Weigl (NL)
Grand narratives of escapes into digital wonderlands hit us time and again. What does the journey beyond the screen promise us today? Is it a one-way ticket to a boundless experience inside the perfect avatar body?

Gravitational Bodies

Marnix de Nijs (NL)
Gravitational Bodies delivers a deeply absorbing VR experience by combining the physical sensation of floating mid-air on an emergency stretcher with visuals of a perpetually evolving AI-generated landscape. In this experience, you escape gravity, leave your body behind, and lose yourself in digital infinity, only to discover that your physical body’s proprioception constraints hinder a total escape into virtuality.

Rhetorical Bodies: An XR Dance Performance

Paula Strunden (DE/NL)
Through the use of inflatable wearables tracked in real-time, it bridges the gap between two dancing bodies, translating their movements into sounds and transforming their physical forms into interactive embodied synthesizers.

Making the Clouds Cry

Marie-Luce Nadal (FR)
Making the Clouds Cry is a sculpture and instrument crafted by the artist. With welded metal, electric components, and repurposed bra wire, this weapon houses handmade cartridges that, when released into the sky, beckon the clouds to share their emotions.

Turing Gaia: Entering Thermodome

Martinus Suijkerbuijk (NL/NO)
Featuring Øystein Fjeldbo (NO)
In our current era, marked by the undeniable and pressing effects of climate change, “Turing Gaia: Entering Thermodome” emerges as a creative amalgamation of technology, art, and virtual ecology, a Speculative Zero-Player Game, that offers a grounded yet imaginative perspective on a world actively confronting the impacts of climate change.