[up]Loaded Bodies exhibitions / Curatorial statement

Zane Cerpina (NO), Boris Debackere (BE), Espen Gangvik (NO), Florian Weigl (NL)
Grand narratives of escapes into digital wonderlands hit us time and again. What does the journey beyond the screen promise us today? Is it a one-way ticket to a boundless experience inside the perfect avatar body?

Unconventional Self

Werner van der Zwan (NL)
Charl Linssen (NL)
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a chair? Now is your chance to find out! By combining their expertise in telepresence and furniture robots, the artists tried to answer this question in this exploratory experience.


Marlot Meyer (ZA/NL)
Hotspot is a shared experience of uploading yourself in order to reconnect to yourself and each other inside a sentient, listening space. It is an experience of letting go of control in exchange for communication and information.


Špela Petrič (SI)
PL’AI embraces the notion of a play as an ontological condition of all living bodies, including plants. The act of playing, unlike games, which are limited by clear rules or goals, reflects the curiosity of existence and is therefore at the heart of (self)knowing.

Making the Clouds Cry

Marie-Luce Nadal (FR)
Making the Clouds Cry is a sculpture and instrument crafted by the artist. With welded metal, electric components, and repurposed bra wire, this weapon houses handmade cartridges that, when released into the sky, beckon the clouds to share their emotions.