[up]Loaded Bodies exhibitions / Curatorial statement

Zane Cerpina (NO), Boris Debackere (BE), Espen Gangvik (NO), Florian Weigl (NL)
Grand narratives of escapes into digital wonderlands hit us time and again. What does the journey beyond the screen promise us today? Is it a one-way ticket to a boundless experience inside the perfect avatar body?

Turing Gaia: Entering Thermodome

Martinus Suijkerbuijk (NL/NO)
Featuring Øystein Fjeldbo (NO)
In our current era, marked by the undeniable and pressing effects of climate change, “Turing Gaia: Entering Thermodome” emerges as a creative amalgamation of technology, art, and virtual ecology, a Speculative Zero-Player Game, that offers a grounded yet imaginative perspective on a world actively confronting the impacts of climate change.


Driessens & Verstappen (NL)
It is a fascinating idea that all the faces of all the people who have ever lived and will ever live, may be found within the enormous quantity of grains of sand existing on earth. And even though finding a face is very rare, you know that innumerable faces are concealed among them, if you search long enough in the well-nigh inexhaustible volume.

7 Configurations: The Cycle

Marco Donnarumma (DE)
7 Configurations is a cycle of three performances and two installations by artist, performer, maker and theorist Marco Donnarumma. The cycle is a substantial milestone in the artist’s research on the hybridization of human and machine bodies through sound, movement and AI prostheses, an investigation he has been pursuing since 2010.

I’m not a Robot

Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules (CA)
We use services for free, but pay with our data and free labor. The consequence is that half of online platform workers earn less than $2 per hour, while the Big Four (Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple) rake in trillions of dollars by harvesting human attention and intelligence. Media artist Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules examines these disparities through “I’m not a robot,” a series of artworks that explore the murky world of digital labor and human intelligence tasks.

Requiem for an Exit

Frode Oldereid (NO)
Thomas Kvam (NO/NL)
This towering and monumental creation is set to deliver a monologue that tackles the complex question of evil. Through the lens of the robot, envisioned as a machine-human hybrid, evil is not portrayed as a product of political ideologies, moral deficiencies, class distinctions, or religious beliefs. Instead, it is depicted as inherent dispositions embedded within the human genome.