Martin Palmer studied psychology and religion at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology before venturing into the art world. As an independent curator, enthusiast, and autodidact musician, he has presented, produced and performed several works of noise and experimental music in his hometown of Trondheim, Norway and other places in Europe. As a proud agent of Origami Republika, he is one of the inheritors of the Klubb Kanin concert series concept, which celebrates it’s 15th Anniversary during Meta.Morf 2012.

With a lifelong interest in fringe philosophy, counter culture and esotericism, he founded Forum Nidrosiae in 2008 as an open forum for what is generally known as “occulture,” and is currently developing a branch under this moniker focusing on contemporary artistic endeavors within the cultic milieu.

During the day he works with digital cinema technology.

There is an intimate relationship between art and the spiritual.



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