Oct. 23 @ BLÆST

Gaute Ludvigsen
KKXV: Blæst Tuesday October 23


Gautokeino is a one-man-band preformance, even two, with many friends. The man who came up with the band name (which is a pun on the African river famous for its numerous missionary stations), suffers from the rare W.Earl syndrome and were sent away from their hometown, and now only appear in the show played outside the local scene .

Gautokeino is a very spiritual band that seeks to enlighten the / them listener / e with the sound of sheer joy and nostalgia of a better pre-scientific era. Throughout the band’s many different stages, this has been his main core and mission. Animal programs are the most important influence, and Jupiter and The moving OO `s But there are many more.

Gautokeino has gained a large fanbase in many camps. Christians, neo-Christian ruler and hardcore communities around the world love. The inner fan base is evangelical religious community band sprang from. After their first EP “when the community saw the light taka” (when the light in the fog Farli?), The Christians and the right wing of society caught unaware. “Awesome!” and “Good!” are just some of the fantastic charges that were thrown at him.

Lange turner and poor economy had its price, and the band began to move away from the traditional Christian lifestyle to a more progressive lifestyle. Their faith began to pick up influences other than the traditional evangelical Christianity. Baha’i and Scientology, much of his life visedom. After a (tele) vision patisk the movie “invocation of my demon brother”, they stared quizzically at the good-bad setup and found that the only reality is condensed energy. These views started pretty much halloi in Christian society, but this was quickly forgotten after the song “Jesus is bubbling inside me” was released. “If you believe in JC, we believe in you” as the local priest said.

Strange things happened afterwards, too many to mention here, but pinneord include: goat, trade, water wells, pink cars, good intentions, bad moral choices and loss of Magic cards.

Alter vine was replaced with books, books were sold nun chucks. Nun chucks they where in the grave, and traded elementary knowledge

The band was dead for over 4 months and this was a rough patch on the cheek.

After a rocky period of internal conflict and the intake of solemn moisture. Did something that no other band has experienced, a bird flew out of the ashes and laid eggs.

These eggs hatched, and the new form of Gautokeino ala 2012. Nok once back to spread the joy and plant seeds in this material world, we wound up hope for a better tomorrow? Maybe. Quite maybe. Today the band omfavnere of all religions, and will not exclude anyone as long as they believe in some sort of god.

Treat them well, one day they can play for a pope, and you will have him on your good side, in this life and possibly the next.


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