META.MORF 2012 –

Conference Sep. 28 & 29 @ NOVA

Conference, Sep. 28 & 29, at NOVA.

Rachel Armstrong

The Meta.Morf opening conference is being moderated and curated by Rachel Armstrong.

The cosmos is composed of many different species of stardust and despite our advanced, secular knowledge we imagine these primordial substances give rise to a universe, fashioned in our own image. Meta.Morf 2012 is a reflection on a new kind image, which is evolving in a diverse set of arts practices at the start of the twenty-first century. Intriguingly, its portrait of our universe is far more autonomous and sensitive than the one that has historically relied on human reason for instruction. All matter squirms. This is the fundamental reality that underpins our cosmic fabric.

-Rachel Armstrong

(Armstrong’s introductory essay is printed here)


Life is impure, revealing itself as an open and complex system with porous boundaries, bringing forth an endless social and biological diversity. Every relational system operates on affect, or as we often call it, feelings. Human and nonhuman actions and interactions are expressions of these networked relations.

What constitutes the connective behaviour from which networks, and finally form emerge? Is it an empathy-based interaction, or in other words, a matter of feeling?

With these questions in mind, we invited Dr. Rachel Armstrong to co-curate the biennial theme conference, and happily enough for Meta.Morf she accepted the invitation!

Armstrong brings the biennale theme into context in a way that probably will force you to reflect on almost every aspect of what you considered to be established truths.



09.30Registration & Coffe
Welcome / introductionEspen GangvikAbout
10.10Biennial theme introductionAlex AdriaansensAbout
Entangled Bodies challenges the idea of the human ego at the centre of life .. we are cooperating assemblages of bodies that forge relationships and have shared interests … how does this idea change the way we think of what it means to be a body … or to have a body … ??
10.30Entangled Bodies (human/machine)StelarcAbout
11.00Entangled Bodies (machine/machine)Takashi IkegamiAbout
11.30Entangled Bodies (augmented perception)Neil HarbissonAbout
12.00 - 13.00Lunch
Inconstant Contexts – is all about an active environment, which shapes and orchestrates events that impact upon humanity. How does the idea of an active environment that is sensitive to our presence change the way that we think about and instrument the world?
13.00Inconstant Contexts (synthetic environments)Philip BeesleyAbout
13.30Inconstant Contexts (extended perception)Klaus-Peter ZaunerAbout
14.00Inconstant Contexts (lively materials)Rachel ArmstrongAbout
14.30 - 15.00Panel discussion. Moderated by Rachel Armstrong.


09.30Registration & Coffe
Living materialsGuto NobregaAbout
10.30Living materialsDriessens & VerstappenAbout
11.00Living materialsJessica de BoerAbout
11.30Living materialsXandra van der EijkAbout
12.00 - 13.00Lunch
13.00(Morphological Computing)Peter FlemmingAbout
13.30(Morphological Computing)Antony HallAbout
14.00(Morphological Computing)PROTEIAbout
14.30 - 15.00Panel discussion. Moderated by Rachel Armstrong.





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