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How do we listen to the everyday sound environment? How do we listen to art? Usually, we tend to get information about everyday environment through sight. At least we are most used to get information through sight. However, a lot of signals in everyday life are tied to hearing. Usually these are signs of warning – the car coming up from behind, the sound signal of a pedestrian crossing and so on. The auditory environment is extremely complex, and we depend on an acute auditory…


Øyvind Brandtsegg / Installation for a pedestrian bridge

Installation for a pedestrian bridge (2012) Co-produced by Meta.Morf / TEKS – Trondheim Elektroniske Kunstsenter. The installation is based on rhythm and sound generated by pedestrians passing the Shipyard Bridge (Flower Bridge, Trondheim). 8 contact speakers and 8 contact microphones are mounted to the underside of the bridge walkway.  Through exploring the rhythmic expression, the installation relates to development and negotiation of meaning in language. Rhythm patterns recorded from the audience walking across the bridge are recorded and used as source material for the development…

Public installation
Sep. 27 – Oct. 28
@ Trondheim


Architecture students cooperate with students from the music technology program on the theme of Sound and Space in city spaces. To study architecture is largely about developing a consciousness about the meaning of space, of its possibilities and its limitations. The first phase of this learning process is to explore and create space – to get personal experiences with the spatial. The first assignment one gets as an architecture student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is a complete small-scale building project. The…

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