Synergy of music and stereoscopic images and sequences.
Oct. 6 @ Gløshaugen

The light and color group / ROMLAB

The Light & Colour Group @ NTNU – Daylight Lab and Room Lab. The Light & Colour Group at NTNU is established at the Department of Architectural Design, Form and Colour Studies. It consists of architects, interior architects, physicists and artists. This diverse group of professionals contributes to a working atmosphere where research has crucial multidisciplinary input. The Light & Colour group has developed contacts with a number of academic institutions and companies in and outside Norway, which gives the advantage of a broad interdisciplinary scientific…

Architecture night Oct. 4 @ Dokkhuset

Neil Spiller / Homage a Courbet

NEIL SPILLER.An algorithmic approach for architectonic thinking.Architecture evening Oct. 4 @ DOKKHUSET.   Keynote speaker for the evening is Neil Spiller, Dean at School of Architecture, Design & Construction at the University of Greenwich, Professor of Architecture and Digital Theory, Founding Director of the Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research Group (AVATAR) and a practising architect. Reflexive Urbanism in the Forest of Signs. My work spans both theoretical ventures and real architectural practice. It is shaped by my interest in the work of architect Cedric Price…

Oct. 6 @ Gløshaugen

 A-me : Augmented memories A-me is a hypothetical memory recall device that enables the user to immersively experience human memories. It aims at criticizing paradigms related to brain/mind imaging that are currently under discussion in the scientific community. A-me investigates the implications of approaches to brain science, such as reductionism, and phenomenology. Thus, it is a symbolization of the current scientific discussions on human behavior through brain activity analysis. A-me is also a technical research on Augmented Reality techniques applied to brain visualization and…

Sep. 30 / Oct. 10 / Oct. 27

How do we listen to the everyday sound environment? How do we listen to art? Usually, we tend to get information about everyday environment through sight. At least we are most used to get information through sight. However, a lot of signals in everyday life are tied to hearing. Usually these are signs of warning – the car coming up from behind, the sound signal of a pedestrian crossing and so on. The auditory environment is extremely complex, and we depend on an acute auditory…

Oct. 15 – 19
@ ReMida

ReMida Exhibition detail

Creative play with information technology | Workshop @ ReMida, Oct. 15 – 19. One of the main goals of the Our Toys project is to enhance interaction and exchange between arts and science, which can be achieved by guiding young teenagers’ attention to the creative character of computer programming and its relation to real-life objects and events. During the art & technology biennale Meta.Morf 2012, four single-day workshops will be organized at the ReMida Centre in Trondheim, inviting 12 year olds to become creators using…

PIKSEL A/V System performance @ PikselSavers 2012
Oct. 5 @ Gallery KIT


 PikselSavers 2012 – screensavers that make a difference! Oct. 5 @ Galleri KiT The opening night Friday October 5 will be accompanied by Piksel A/V system including Miss Mostly Dj and Vj H220! They deliver danceable rhythms and bouncy projections in close dialogue with the exhibition’s theme! PikselSavers is a screening programme of short movies and software art curated by the Piksel festival in Bergen. PikselSavers was commissioned by and first shown at the biennial for art and technology in Trondheim, Meta. Morf 2010. It was later presented…

PikselSavers 2012
Oct. 5 – 7 @ Gallery KIT


 PikselSavers 2012 – screensavers that makes a difference! Oct. 5 – 7 @ Galleri KiT   PikselSavers is a screening programme of short movies and software art curated by the Piksel festival in Bergen. PikselSavers was commissioned by and first shown at the biennial for art and technology in Trondheim, Meta. Morf 2010. It was later presented at Pixelache Helsinki in March 2011 and at The Norwegian Telecom Museum during summer 2011. The programme was selected based on an open call for participation and the…

Public installation
Sep. 27 – Oct. 28
@ Trondheim


Architecture students cooperate with students from the music technology program on the theme of Sound and Space in city spaces. To study architecture is largely about developing a consciousness about the meaning of space, of its possibilities and its limitations. The first phase of this learning process is to explore and create space – to get personal experiences with the spatial. The first assignment one gets as an architecture student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is a complete small-scale building project. The…

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