Open Experimental Electromagnetism Workshop
w/ Peter Flemming
Oct. 1 @ TEKS

Peter Flemming / Electromagnetism Workshop

 Open Experimental Electromagnetism Workshop / Peter Flemming We will start with a short demonstration and some introductory words on the subject of electro-magnetism. Participants will then wind their own electromagnetic coils, to be used as part of an experimental loudspeaker improvised from a found object resonator supplied by the participant. Possible resonators: plastic food containers, buckets, drums, cans, glass… does it sound good when you tap your finger on it or speak into it? Bring it in! Bring a bunch of things because not everything…

Open workshop w/ Andrew M. McKenzie
Oct. 15 – Oct. 18

A Workshop with Andrew M. McKenzie Monday October 15 – Thursday October 18 As life in the modern world quickens, shallows, intensifies in quantity and not quality, having the tools to take control of perception means that you can deal with situations which until now, you thought were beyond your power to control, leading to a place where the deepest desires and their manifestation in the world are available in a state of real Freedom.  “”””’” is a workshop dealing with techniques for Time Distortion,…

Sep. 30 / Oct. 10 / Oct. 27

How do we listen to the everyday sound environment? How do we listen to art? Usually, we tend to get information about everyday environment through sight. At least we are most used to get information through sight. However, a lot of signals in everyday life are tied to hearing. Usually these are signs of warning – the car coming up from behind, the sound signal of a pedestrian crossing and so on. The auditory environment is extremely complex, and we depend on an acute auditory…

Oct. 15 – 19
@ ReMida

ReMida Exhibition detail

Creative play with information technology | Workshop @ ReMida, Oct. 15 – 19. One of the main goals of the Our Toys project is to enhance interaction and exchange between arts and science, which can be achieved by guiding young teenagers’ attention to the creative character of computer programming and its relation to real-life objects and events. During the art & technology biennale Meta.Morf 2012, four single-day workshops will be organized at the ReMida Centre in Trondheim, inviting 12 year olds to become creators using…

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