Oct. 23 @ BLÆST

Gaute Ludvigsen KKXV: Blæst Tuesday October 23 Gautokeino is a one-man-band preformance, even two, with many friends. The man who came up with the band name (which is a pun on the African river famous for its numerous missionary stations), suffers from the rare W.Earl syndrome and were sent away from their hometown, and now only appear in the show played outside the local scene . Gautokeino is a very spiritual band that seeks to enlighten the / them listener / e with the sound…

(Oct. 23 @ BLÆST)

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø

Solo Trombone KKXV: Blæst Tuesday October 23   For the last couple of years, Henrik has worked simultaneously with two main concepts for solo improvisation, which in short can be described as “open, expressive improvisations” and “audio events in the interaction with acoustic space.” Two projects that sometimes play separately, and at other times has split concerts. Henrik has played solo concerts in Vienna, Barcelona, Berlin and Bad Oldesloe, as well as in Scandinavia, and released the CD “SOLO” on the label Creative Source in…

(Oct. 23 @ BLÆST)

Nick Kuepfer KKXV: Blæst Tuesday October 23 Nick Kuepfer is a sound enthusiast and experimental musician with a primary focus on guitar compositions, the use of prepared and altered instruments, wildlife sound-scapes and animal recordings and various other sound sources fed and treated through multiple 1/4″ tape machines. His predominantly wordless music ranges from subtle and static to frantic and abrasive, with a methodical, vigilant sense of experimentation guided by the search for consonance and dissonance with the sounds of “nature”. Nick began performing solo,…

(Oct. 23 @ BLÆST)

A Melodyc Shivering Form

Vidar Schiefloe KKXV: Blæst Tuesday October 23   A Melodyc Shivering Form is a creature that grows in the brains of Vidar Schiefloe, and sometimes forcing him to make noise with whatever he may have available. People tend to like it, because it’s often very beautiful. A Melodyc Shivering Form is an anagram of “edgy Hanover microfilms” and “Adolf covering shimmery”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything in relation to any of this.

(Oct. 24 @ BLÆST)

Arnfinn Killingtveit KKXV: Blæst Wednesday October 24   We’re proud to present one of the ultra rare and much talked about Origami Bursdagskaka concerts as the opening act of day 2 during KKXV. The birthday cake (bursdagskaka) has been an integral part of the birthday celebrations in predominantly Protestant countries since the middle of the 19th century, which extended to Western culture. Certain rituals and traditions, such as singing of birthday songs, associated with birthday cakes (bursdagskaka) are common to many Western cultures. The Western tradition of adding lit candles to the top…

(Oct. 24 @ BLÆST)

Origami Antarktika

Jonas Qvale KKXV: Blæst Wednesday October 24 Origami Antarktika is Jonas Qvale solo, sometimes with guests. Qvale uses self-built instruments and equipment, microphones, toys, effects, sine generator, modified electronics and field recordings as building blocks in his compositions. Often the systems interact, on the verge of collapse or barely in balance. Qvale is also the leader of the group Hornorkesteret, which explores purely acoustic sounds and melodies. He was this year awarded 75 000 NOK from the Norwegian Composers Fund to write theater music for…

(Oct. 24 @ BLÆST)

Origami Metallika

Kjetil Hanssen KKXV: Blæst Wednesday October 24   Rustic scrapnoise from the depths of Nordmarka in Oslo. Behind the Metallic shell we find Kjetil Hanssen, who often screams his lungs out as Ambolthue or curls up into a festive ball of muddy sounds as Torstein Wjiik. Origami Metallika is a full on scrap metal noise project, primal and physical. No further questions. Soon to come is also a 7″ produced by Lasse Marhaug. This will be Metallika‘s first concert, even though the project has been…

(Oct. 24 @ BLÆST)

Dans for voksne KKXV: Blæst Wednesday October 24 Agnes Hvizdalek and Harald Fetveit play improvised music; Hvizdalek use voice and microphone, while Fetveit uses pretty primitive electronics, like the voice at times can sound like. This similarity of sounds is part of what charge their music and creates it’s unique character. The two usually goes to extremes, whether they reduce or explode on lydfronten. They have played together since 2008, with several performances in Oslo and Vienna. They have performed at many festivals, especially at…

(Oct. 24 @ BLÆST)

Martin Messier / The Sewing Machine Orchestra

Martin Messier KKXV: Blæst Wednesday October 24 Messier doesn’t sew : he resuscitates old singers put asleep years ago in order to release, in some magical ways, the luminous and sonorous presence of the past. he carries his public in a dreamlike universe where each machine, as singular subject, is magnified. after years of silence, sewing machine orchestra is giving speech to these surviving objects of the industrial era. Quebec composer, performer and new media/video artist Martin Messier’s esthetic can be defined as a complex,…

(Oct. 24 @ BLÆST)


Lasse Marhaug, John Hegre & Greg Pope KKXV: Blæst Wednesday October 24 Do you remember when Jazzkammer was named Jazkamer? “Jazzkammer hooks you up without warning. John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug operates without introduction. You get sucked into a structured noise that is anything but monotonous. Yes, the two flirt with chaos, and uses both rhythm and melody in the charm offensive. (…) [The] series poke fun at entertainment music, and gives paw to the rock industry and feedback tradition. Jazzkammer plows new ground – and…

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