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How do we listen to the everyday sound environment? How do we listen to art?

Usually, we tend to get information about everyday environment through sight. At least we are most used to get information through sight. However, a lot of signals in everyday life are tied to hearing. Usually these are signs of warning – the car coming up from behind, the sound signal of a pedestrian crossing and so on. The auditory environment is extremely complex, and we depend on an acute auditory awareness to notice these soundscapes. Art can challenge this kind of listening by presenting soundscapes that we have never experienced before.

This is an invitation to take part in a sound walk. The sound walk will take us through everyday soundscapes in addition to the artistic soundscapes of selected artworks at Meta.Morf.

The soundwalk is a collaboration between NTNU music technology and NTN art and media studies.

START from Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst, Fjordgata 11
Sunday 30/9 kl 14:00
Wednesday 10/10 kl 18:00
Saturday 27/10 kl 14:00

Music Technology, Department of Music
We teach and research within sound production, artistic sound installation, sound for film and games, and music performance with technologically based instruments. The program is the foremost within its field in Norway and has approximately 100 students in bachelor and master studies.

Department of Art and Media Studies
Research and teaching at the department are based within the field of art and culture. There is a primarily focus on expressions like film, photography, theatre and art. The department and its students are characterized by a particular emphasis on practical esthetical courses.

The project is runned by
Sigurd Saue, Associate Professor of Music technology at NTNU, Department of Music.
Øyvind Brandtsegg, Professor of Music technology at NTNU, Department of Music.
Asbjørn Tiller, PhD., Associate Professor at NTNU, Department of Art and Media Studies.




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