(Oct. 23 @ BLÆST)

Nick Kuepfer
KKXV: Blæst Tuesday October 23

Montreal – Constellation recording – Nick Kuepfer

Nick Kuepfer is a sound enthusiast and experimental musician with a primary focus on guitar compositions, the use of prepared and altered instruments, wildlife sound-scapes and animal recordings and various other sound sources fed and treated through multiple 1/4″ tape machines. His predominantly wordless music ranges from subtle and static to frantic and abrasive, with a methodical, vigilant sense of experimentation guided by the search for consonance and dissonance with the sounds of “nature”.

Nick began performing solo, under his own name, in 2009 and occasionally invites guest players to join him. In the fall of 2010 he released a full length record entitled Avestruz with the Montreal record label, Constellation Records, in their inaugural release of the Musique Fragile series, a collection of 3 full length records from 3 different artists. Alongside his increasing activity as a solo performer, Nick also plays in Hrsta. He has previously played in countless bands, including Lungbutter, Aids Wolf and L’Embuscade. Other notable recent activity includes participation in Rhys Chatham’s Lincoln Center performance of A Crimson Grail for 200 electric guitars and the inclusion of material from Avestruz on the soundtrack for The Woods by filmmaker Matthew Lessner, alongside The Dirty Projectors, Sun Araw, Indian Jewelry and others.


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