META.MORF 2012 –

Conference Sep. 28 & 29 @ NOVA

Meta.Morf 2012 - A Matter of Feeling

Conference, Sep. 28 & 29, at NOVA. The cosmos is composed of many different species of stardust and despite our advanced, secular knowledge we imagine these primordial substances give rise to a universe, fashioned in our own image. Meta.Morf 2012 is a reflection on a new kind image, which is evolving in a diverse set of arts practices at the start of the twenty-first century. Intriguingly, its portrait of our universe is far more autonomous and sensitive than the one that has historically relied on…

Art, Counter-Culture and the Esoteric
Symposium Oct. 20 @ NOVA

Andrew M. McKenzie

Forum Nidrosiae Symposium Saturday October 20 @ NOVA. Featuring CARL ABRAHAMSSON, ANDREW M. McKENZIE, GARY LACHMAN, KENDELL GEERS, JESPER AAGAARD PETERSEN and KAREN NIKGOL. Curated and moderated by MARTIN PALMER. I talk a new language. You will understand. – Brion Gysin   All lectures will be in English. Throughout the ages, artists have worked with ways of expressing the “inexpressible”, and with bridging the gap between the material world and our inner space. There is an intimate relationship between art and the spiritual. Through the 20th…

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