Meta.Morf X – FAEN EXHIBITION: FY FAEN SÅ BRA! / Gallery KiT, March 8 – 22, 2020 / Curator: Zane Cerpina

Anne Cecilie Lie [no]
Intersected Waterbodies

Intersected Waterbodies is an interdisciplinary, bio-digital artwork investigating a toxicological web of (tech) bodies, liminal spaces and the sea.

Today’s digital ecology is inextricably linked to extraction: of the Earth and through the exploitation of marginalized bodies, as well as emotional mining through social media, among others.

Intersected Waterbodies is rooted in the city of Trondheim, which has a long history of digging deep into the body of the landscape, now exploring extraction below the seabed through NTNU to, allegedly, create an ethical and sustainable technological future.

Facing the current environmental reckoning is urgent, but will a truly just future rise from excavating the place from which, most likely, all life on Earth originated, the planet’s last refugia, setting unknown chain reactions in motion?

Moving from the exploitative Anthropocene/Capitalocene/Plantationocene into Donna Haraway’s restorative Chthulucene, marginalized worlds entangled with ours and that enable us to exist, come to the foreground. What life forms might be here in the future to come? And how can we leave as graciously as possible with those that are left behind in mind?

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Anne Cecilie Lie
Through her work, Anne Cecilie Lie (b. 1983) examines how to create in the Anthropocene, with its accompanying philosophical and ethical questions, as well as for possible futures. She points out blind spots in social and built structures and proposes new alternatives for co-existence to the human-centric/exceptional. 

Site-specificity and cross-pollination are intrinsic to her work, inspired by Donna Haraway’s theories of tentacular thinking, based on feministic, post-colonial, scientific and science fabulating approaches to collaborative futures with humans and non-humans alike. 

Object-Oriented Ontology and Timothy Morton’s concept of Dark Ecology are also significant influences, where ecology includes all life and “non-life” such as technologies. 

Through multisensory experiences, Lie seek to skew the human-centric view by highlighting marginalized other worlds that are interwoven with ours and enable us to exist. 

Lie works with sound, performance, installations, and text, alone and in collaboration with others in the creative field, as well as partners within fields of scientific research and life sciences, knowledge producers such as educational institutions, libraries, and local communities. 

Anne Cecilie holds an MA in scenography from the Norwegian Theatre Academy and a BA in Fine Arts from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts.