ReMida Trondheim / Olavshallen, October 31 – November 1 & November 7 – 8 / Curator: Pål Bøyesen


Fairytales are older than books, and today digital gaming is the main intermediary of the eternal battle between the good and the bad. Still, the structure of computer games mostly entail the same kind of dramaturgy as present in the old stories; stereotypical characters loose themselves in different mazes where they have to overcome various dangers in order to receive rewards in the other end.

To limit screen time, kindergartens and schools are setting up time rules. As a consequence a reverse strategy emerge among children, going from digital to analog, where i.e. the world of Pokèmon Go are physical built and while playing become the basis for interaction and creative problem solving.

ReMida – Center for Creative Reuse – will invite groups of children to a central metamorphic space during Meta.Morf 2020 for building an analog game world by the use of recycled materi- als, showing our eternal creative urge to play, breaking the rules and invent new and exciting perspectives.