Dokkhuset / March 7, 2020 @ 20:30 / TICKETS


Conceptual jazz duo Drone Operatør presents a performance for Drone and musicians, featuring the Norwegian saxophone player, Mette Rasmussen, and Norwegian noise artist Lasse Marhaug.

Mette Rasmussen is a saxophone player situated in Trondheim, Norway, but born and raised in Denmark. Last 7 years, she has been touring the road most of the year, all over the world. From Australia to Japan, Singapore, USA, Canada, Russia, Scandinavia, UK and Europe.

Her ability to move between the often strict confines of genres and explore sound and texture in solo affairs aswell as in collaborations, has been the foundation of creating her own personal vision of the role of the saxophone. Her performances ties together audience and artist, and embodies the energy between the two.

In the recent year she has been touring with among others Godspeed You! Black Emperor throughout France, Australia and USA, Chris Corsano troughout Europe and Japan, Sofia Jernberg throughout Australia, her own Quintet cosisting of Torbjörn Zetterberg and Johan Berthling on bass, Raymond Strid and Paul Lytton on drums, The Hatch with guitarist Julien Desprez, in duo with Tashi Dorji and been doing an extensively amount of solo shows all over the world. And been in projects and doing collaborations with among others and to name a few; MoE, Craig Taborn, Barry Guy, Michiyo Yagi and Kaiji Haino.

Lasse Marhaug (b. 1974) has since the early 1990s been one of the most active artists in the Norwegian noise/experimental music scene. As a performer and composer he has contributed to well over 300 CD, vinyl and cassette releases over the years, as well as extensive touring and performing live on all continents of the world. In addition to his solo work, Marhaug has collaborated with many artists in the fields of noise, experimental, improv, jazz, rock and extreme metal, as well as working with music and sound for theatre, dance, installations, cinema and video. In 1990 Marhaug ran the TWR Tapes and Jazzassin Records labels.

In the 2000s he ran the record labels Pica Disk and Prisma Records. In 2011 he started his own print publishing Marhaug Forlag. He has also been active as an organizer, promoter, producer and visual artist. Marhaug was born and currently lives in Bodø, a city above the arctic circle in Norway.

DRONE OPERATØR is the musical venture of artists Paul Barsch [de] and Tilman Hornig [de] that started its prolific career as a conceptual kleptomaniac post digital free jazz outfit about 3 years ago. Since then they have created several live Performances featuring Jazz musicians and drones and more than 280 songs or 16 hours of experimental and free form quasi-jazz, respectively, that are continuously released on SoundCloud.

Drone operated @ Dokkhuset by INBOVI