May 28 @ Brukbar & SUPA klubb


Polymono/Antistereo – Four rooms

Polymono Antistereo is an electro acoustic sound art project involving Eirik Havnes, Bernt Isak Wærstad, Martin Palmer and Arnfinn Killingtveit.  The project explores the dynamic relationship between sound, architecture, composition and live expression.  The key goal of Polymono/Antistereo is to challenge the standard stereo-based concert format with the strict separation of stage and listening position.  As a contrast the performers in Polymono/Antistereo use mobile setups with speakers of different sizes and acts as separate mono sound sources spread around and in between the audience – sometimes moving around, sometimes standing still.

The quartet will perform four site-specific compositions in four different rooms in the Trondheim area during daytime 28 May.  The compositions are based on analysis of the four rooms, where the key concept is to translate each room´s architecture, acoustics, ambient lighting, color, smell, and each person´s subjective psychological impression of the space into a composed score.  The four performances will each be recorded in 32 channels, and layered on top of each other and performed live at Club Supa in the evening on the same day.   This last performance will be done in the traditional stereo-format, both as an experiment in collapsing all the sonic dimensions encountered during the day into two, but also because the finished result will be documented on a LP released through Stridulation Records.