Here To Party
Concert May 30 @ Dokkhuset



Here to Party

Concert May 30, 19:00 @ Dokkhuset


Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another)

“Consequences”, has two definitions; it is the result of some previous action, and a game (called Exquisite Corpse by the Surrealists) in which a larger picture/narrative is created by assembling subject matter “blindly” in relation to a small amount of information made visible before it as a continuation point. As a result, content surprisingly and sometimes magically changes over a short period of time or space, with every part still connected to that which goes before or after it.

This new audiovisual performance by People Like Us places similar but emerging subject matter side by side to construct the narrative, where a story emerges as a sum of the parts that came before it yet digresses on a tangent. All actions have consequences, and here we see them played out, to wondrous and catastrophic effect!

The subject of authenticity, the “original” in relation to the “copy” (coming from the word “copia”, meaning multitude and abundance) interest me as an artist working in the field of collage and appropriation. “Original” has limited connection with “quality” or “engaging”, and (at least in the past 300 years) nothing created as an object or product can be traced 100% to an origin – everything is relative, literally – it has a mother and father. Much like speed, dimensions, size, the terms are reliant upon the conditions of the person experiencing it, where they are and when, there is NO absolute. This is reflected when very similar creative works and inventions occur at the same period by people who have no knowledge of each other’s works existence. In Consequences we reflect that no man is an island, but the island has lots of mirror mazesŠ in fact some mirrors can be walked through.

– Vicki Bennett


Z’EV is an American conceptual artist, sound sculptor and poet. After studying various world music traditions at The California Institute of the Arts, he began developing a wide range of concussive and percussive instruments, sound sculptures and assemblages devoted to the production of acoustic phenomena as the basis for subsequent solo work.

Z’EV abandoned Judaism at an early age and began his lifelong relationship with world religions and esoteric systems. His work with text and sound has been influenced by Kabbalah, as well as African, Afro-Caribbean and Indonesian music and culture.

Z’EV is regarded as one of the founders of industrial music.

Friday night Z’EV will perform two unique concerts, first in collaboration with Butoh dancer Alkistis Dimech, then a solo show.

Alkistis Dimech is a dancer, artist and writer. Her current research on the figure(s) of the ecstatic-demoniac-witch, the ‘woman in flight,’ is made flesh in the performance-poem Volant. She is a devotee of Babalon, and a student of goetic magic.

As the co-founder with Peter Grey of the esoteric publishing house Scarlet Imprint, she has pursued the study and practice of typography and book design as the expression of an avant-garde esoteric ethos and aesthetic.

She studied Music and the History of Art & Archaeology of Asia and Africa at SOAS; and has trained in and performed Butoh for 13 years.


Cotton Ferox, being the sum of Swedish artists Carl Abrahamsson and Thomas Tibert, is a direct continuation of their previous joint experiments in the group White Stains (1987-1994).

Between 1989 and 1992, they played together in White Stains and produced three highly acclaimed albums. Tibert moved on to produce sampling products, sample CD/CD-ROMs that have been both technically and artistically groundbreaking and market leaders, through his companies Polestar Magnetics, Sounds Good, Sounds Even Better and the current 93 Bits. He is also the founder and creator of the highly acclaimed Online Sample Subscription Service

Abrahamsson worked with White Stains between 1987 and 1994. In 2000, a solo album made under the guise of “Oiling Noregs vs Deform Project” was released through his own art magazine BULT. In between musical shapes, Abrahamsson has also worked with writing, photography and painting.

In 2000, Tibert and Abrahamsson decided that it was time to make some new music. With a united vision of Lee Perry meeting Martin Hannett in a swimming pool of lysergic sodapop, they have set out to create music that’s alluring and challenging at the same time.

Angela Edwards is a London based painter, writer and conceptual artist. She works mainly in the mediums of painting, sculpture, installation, film and extreme body performance art.

Her work explores sacred sexuality, ritual, erotic primitivism, the human condition, death, transgression through extremes, the ecstatic experience, psychosexuality, western mysticism and spirituality. Her writings has been published extensively in journals, as well as in her book Tantric Brute Grimoire.

The performances by Angela Edwards are event-specific extreme ritual acts that will force the onlooker to confront their own limitations and mortality. These performances are used as a practitioners tool in trances, and are done as one-off experiences for the artist to reach a heightened spiritual state. She has previously staged extreme performance ritual body based art at Torture Garden London, Performance Space London, Tempting Failure in Bristol, and Peep Space Edinburgh Fringe.