Meta.Morf X – FAEN ONLINE EXHIBITION: FY FAEN SÅ DIGITAL! / digital.faen.today / October  17 – 31, 2020 / Curator: Zane Cerpina / Online vernissage: Saturday, October 17 @ 19:00

Curatorial note by Zane Cerpina

FAEN (Female Artistic Experiments Norway): FY FAEN SÅ DIGITAL! 
An online exhibition by four young female artists based in Norway transforms the Covid-19 canceled FAEN exhibition into an interactive and experimental online experience. In this third edition, the FAEN artists explore new creative ways to transform physical, living, interactive, and tactile projects into digital works of art: the new standard format in times of the Covid-19.

Darknet spa meditation from your living room? Digital scenography made with your microbes? Algorithms making you a better lover? An immersive deep dive into our ancestral past and possible futures? FY FAEN SÅ DIGITAL! is the third group exhibition by four young female artists based in Norway: Anja Malec (HR/NO), Annike Flo (NO), Anne Cecilie Lie (NO), Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir (IS/NO), curated by Zane Cerpina (LV/NO).

FAEN Online Exhibition is made by the FAEN Academy – a pilot project supporting the development of new artworks by young female artists working with experimental art in Norway. The FAEN Academy focuses on art productions from concept to exhibition-ready work in close collaboration with FAEN partners. 

The FAEN Academy is needed to give production and exhibition opportunities for young female artists working with cutting edge art and experimental artistic approaches. The FAEN Academy offers an interdisciplinary, supportive, and reflective environment for producing experimental art. It is for artists that address and challenge contemporary issues in society, politics, culture, and ecology: art that makes the audience question and reflect on the world through new, unique experiences and perspectives. 

FY FAEN SÅ DIGITAL! transforms the Covid-19 canceled FAEN exhibition into an interactive and experimental online experience. In this edition, the FAEN artists explore new creative ways to transform physical, living, interactive, and tactile projects into digital works of art: the new standard format in times of the Covid-19.

Many art installations are now impossible for the public to experience. Artworks in enclosed spaces, physical and intimate interactions, and group experiences don’t fit with the guidelines of social distancing and current health and safety regulations. The FAEN online exhibition takes on the challenge and explores the alternatives. 

How can physical and interactive artworks translate onto the screen? How to keep the performative, live aspect of works when put online? How to break out of the boundaries set by digital tools? What experimentation with these tools lead to new and playful discoveries? How can text, image, video, 360 videos, and live streaming be recombined with physical artworks in an innovative way? How to mix the digital with the physical in real-time?

The FAEN online exhibition is a result of an exploratory and experimental approach to tackle these exciting questions. The new edition of FAEN artworks experiments with new technologies and art dissemination methods for better art experiences online. 

FY FAEN SÅ DIGITAL! program includes a live-streamed vernissage and series of artist talks and virtual exhibition walkthroughs spanning over a period of two weeks. 

Online vernissage: 
Saturday, October 17 @ 19:00

Artist evening / Anne Cecilie Lie
October 20 @ 19:00 – 20:00

Artist evening / Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir
October 22 @ 19:00 – 20:00

Artist evening / Anja Malec
October 27 @ 19:00 – 20:00

Artist evening / Annike Flo
October 29 @ 19:00 – 20:00

FAEN Online Exhibition is organized and curated by Zane Cerpina / TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre. The exhibition is kindly sponsored by Arts Council Norway. 

Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir

Meta.Morf X – FAEN EXHIBITION: FY FAEN SÅ BRA! / Gallery KiT, March 8 – 22, 2020 / Curator: Zane Cerpina

Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir [is/no]
The Darknet Spa

The Darknet Spa is an immersive sound installation that focuses on the topic of anonymous internet browsing through what is called the Darknet or Dark Web. The Dark Web is that part of the internet that operates outside the fringes of digital society, a lawless, virtual land where you are free to roam without government regulation or corporate intervention. The terms ‘surface web’, ‘deep web’ and ‘dark web are often used to illustrate the “geographics” of the internet and to explain the different levels of accessibility and encryption. 

Freud ́s model of the human mind categorises three levels of consciousness: the conscious, subconscious and unconscious. The Darknet Spa offers the audience to delve into the unconscious of our digital hive- mind, offering a glimpse into the darker sides of our collective psyche. The artwork investigates the responsibility we place on our technologies and how they ultimately function as a mirror that reflects back to us the broken parts of our society. Simultaneously the work underlines the gap between our physical and digital experiences, incorporating the viewer’s body into the Darknet as a materialized physical space. 

Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir (IS/NO)
Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir is an Icelandic visual artist and musician. Her work explores our relationship with technology and the utopian and dystopian manifestations of our digital present. It investigates the divide between our virtual lives and physical bodies, and how global networks influence our identities, societies and collective perception of reality. Unnur Andrea works mainly with video, performance, and installation, often seeking to create an immersive and encompassing experience for the viewer. As a singer and music producer, the sonic elements remain an important and central factor in most of her work. 


Anne Cecilie Lie

Meta.Morf X – FAEN EXHIBITION: FY FAEN SÅ BRA! / Gallery KiT, March 8 – 22, 2020 / Curator: Zane Cerpina

Anne Cecilie Lie [no]
Intersected Waterbodies

Intersected Waterbodies is an interdisciplinary, bio-digital artwork investigating a toxicological web of (tech) bodies, liminal spaces and the sea.

Today’s digital ecology is inextricably linked to extraction: of the Earth and through the exploitation of marginalized bodies, as well as emotional mining through social media, among others.

Intersected Waterbodies is rooted in the city of Trondheim, which has a long history of digging deep into the body of the landscape, now exploring extraction below the seabed through NTNU to, allegedly, create an ethical and sustainable technological future.

Facing the current environmental reckoning is urgent, but will a truly just future rise from excavating the place from which, most likely, all life on Earth originated, the planet’s last refugia, setting unknown chain reactions in motion?

Moving from the exploitative Anthropocene/Capitalocene/Plantationocene into Donna Haraway’s restorative Chthulucene, marginalized worlds entangled with ours and that enable us to exist, come to the foreground. What life forms might be here in the future to come? And how can we leave as graciously as possible with those that are left behind in mind?

Anne Cecilie Lie
Through her work, Anne Cecilie Lie (b. 1983) examines how to create in the Anthropocene, with its accompanying philosophical and ethical questions, as well as for possible futures. She points out blind spots in social and built structures and proposes new alternatives for co-existence to the human-centric/exceptional. 

Site-specificity and cross-pollination are intrinsic to her work, inspired by Donna Haraway’s theories of tentacular thinking, based on feministic, post-colonial, scientific and science fabulating approaches to collaborative futures with humans and non-humans alike. 

Object-Oriented Ontology and Timothy Morton’s concept of Dark Ecology are also significant influences, where ecology includes all life and “non-life” such as technologies. 

Through multisensory experiences, Lie seek to skew the human-centric view by highlighting marginalized other worlds that are interwoven with ours and enable us to exist. 

Lie works with sound, performance, installations, and text, alone and in collaboration with others in the creative field, as well as partners within fields of scientific research and life sciences, knowledge producers such as educational institutions, libraries, and local communities. 

Anne Cecilie holds an MA in scenography from the Norwegian Theatre Academy and a BA in Fine Arts from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts.


Annike Flo

META.MORF X – Digital Wild | Chapter II / FAEN ONLINE EXHIBITION: FY FAEN SÅ DIGITAL! / digital.faen.today / October 17 – 31, 2020 / Curator: Zane Cerpina

Annike Flo [no]
s h i f t   d i g i t a l

These are strange times for metaorganisms.

s h i f t   d i g i t a l is a performative scenographic experiment reacting to the pandemic by tying together our digital lives with the microbes we share our bodies and spaces with.

s h i f t    d i g i t a l  is inspired by the Human Microbiome Project which has revealed that microorganisms living within us play key parts in, and influence our immune system, our brain, and our genome, which all used to be biological explanations of the individual self. What we consider human and our surroundings grow and dissolve into one another. Away from a purely scientific lens, s h i f t gives space to, nurtures and allows microorganisms to flourish. How and where do we start to feel like metaorganisms?

Annike Flo
Through her practice, Annike Flo investigates how to create in the age of the Anthropocene, working with themes of agency, and our relationship to ourselves and other organisms from a scenographic perspective. By including others who do their own worlding in staged spatial events, together with a human audience and herself, her work plays with the fusing of reality and performance. Next to her artistic practice, she also holds the position as project manager of Norwegian BioArt Arena, NOBA which is the first permanent arena for bioart in Norway. Annike Flo holds an MA in scenography from the Norwegian Theatre Academy (2018) and a BA in costume for performance from London College of Fashion, University of the Arts (2010). With over 8 years of experience working as a costume designer in London, she specialized in design for immersive and participatory theatre (secret cinema, punch drunk, immersive cult) which she brings into her current scenographic and artistic practice.


Anja Malec

Meta.Morf X – FAEN EXHIBITION: FY FAEN SÅ DIGITAL! / digita.faen.today / October 17  – 31, 2020 / Curator: Zane Cerpina

Anja Malec [hr/no]
No Strings Attached

In times where technology is deeply embedded in everyday life, it is hard to imagine any segment of our lives where we do not have to be tech fluent. Indeed, our emotional lives are not left behind. To fall in love or to find an ideal partner, we rely on algorithms to do the job for us. Although these apps are designed to help us find love, actually they promote consumption. We are transformed into commodities or objects of trade—it is you and market with an increased competitive aspect. With intensified engagement with dating apps, the desire for love becomes excessive. When the stakes are high, how much are we willing to give for love? Are we ready to go through the most radical transformations and let the dream become a reality? After all, almost everyone in the world wants to be in love or loved.

Thus, seeking advice presents an effective solution to deprivation inside the digital-dating culture. In this account, the interactive installation of No Strings Attached is focusing on trends of self-improvement methods. As the title of the work may suggest, we invite the audience without emotional attachment to kneel in front of the sculpture and dive into the world of intimate commentary.

With a playful approach, our services are designed to confront your most private doubts about your potential as a dating subject. By utilizing the latest facial-analysis tools, the algorithm assesses overall desirability and provides recipients with practical advice. These messages are inspired by a dark sense of humor and emotional depth. In the end, the work is a playful artistic comment on the imbrication of digital technologies into dating life.

Anja Malec
Anja Malec works in video, audio/visual performance, and installation, moving from the static object toward the interactive installations and engagement of the audience with work. The internet and media culture define Malec’s art practice. Through artistic practice, she explores the phenomenon of human flaws as a side effect of the digital lifestyle or the ones emphasized by digitalization. Further, in her body of work, she tries to break the dichotomy between art (the process of creative expression) and life (the consumer culture). She takes a creative and playful approach to represent this somewhat complex human state of mind.